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Budget Friendly Rental Property Design

Short Term Rental & Airbnb

IBMJ understands the need in the marketplace for interior designers that will work on “lower budget projects.” We are here to meet that need particularly when it pertains to short-term rentals.

We understand that most designers will not touch anything over a certain number and that’s why you need our services regardless. At IBMJ we truly believe we can make any space pretty regardless of the budget. The same principles always apply to the space and the same aesthetic will convey regardless of the price of the actual furnishings if you know how to place it.

For your short term rental, we will source locally for in-stock furniture that puts your investment property on the market—— fast (2 weeks). We will pick everything for you and stage the entire base of the project from furnishings to paint colors. Constructions and finishes may take a bit longer but we are here to help if they are not already selected. From there, we will accessorize and give the space that cozy Airbnb feel with plenty of stock for your guests to enjoy peacefully.

Once we are finished with the design process, and making your guests comfortable, we will create a list of go to hot-spots, restaurants, bars, beaches, and sights for you to leave with your guests. These spots will be the “go-to” spots that are in the area, as we personally live here in South Florida and know where to go from Palm Beach down to Miami from experience. This will help eliminate the guessing process when your guests are traveling.

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