Michael Johnson


After working in the furnishing, fashion and design industries for the past 10 years, something I have learned to live by along the way is to never take yourself too seriously and that nothing in life is ever truly "set in stone."

I wholeheartedly believe that interior design and building a home reflects this methodology; people change, needs change, preferences change, and we believe that these fluctuations are a good thing. At Interiors by Michael J., we are obsessed with the evolving design process and we make an effort to be malleable for all of our clients.

About Michael J.

A Note About Our Contracting Partners
and Vendor Relationships

- IBMJ is connected and partnered with a variety of different furniture retailers, licensed contractors, custom window treatment manufacturers, architects, and more to ensure your project is sourced and designed, on budget and on time. When renovating, remodeling, or shopping with IBMJ, there are no crazy markups; our clients receive our direct pricing with all vendors used to source for the project all the time, plain and simple.

Even though we are aware of these potential unexpected shifts in the design process, we are also steadfast in our approach. At IMBJ we are here for you and organized throughout the entire process from start to finish. Our goal is to take the pressure off of you and provide a sense of ease and comfort throughout the difficult and complicated process of remodeling and decorating. Whether you are a local or a transplant, we are here to make the sourcing process seamless by pointing you in the direction of the right vendors and contractors to ultimately achieve your desired aesthetic for your new home.

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