Sourcing / Shopping

We begin the design process by sourcing and shopping for your project. We can shop on our own, or with you, whichever you prefer. From there we begin pulling everything together and we layer the different patterns, textures and colors in a mood board to show you a visual of each space.

After shopping together, we will start to really focus on fabric and finish selection. We make sure everything ties into the existing finishes and architecture of the home. If you are remodeling, the shopping process stays the same. We will build a mood board and inspo board for the various rooms we are remodeling i.e kitchen, bathroom, home office, pool, etc. From there, we are also managing your contractors and work in tandem with them to get all CAD drawings approved and finalized for permitting purposes. If you are simply decorating, our next step after sourcing and shopping is space planning to make sure everything fits and that the utmost functionality is achieved for you and your family in every room.

Space Planning

Once we have the pieces we are looking to work with, we work together to space plan each room for you so you have full knowledge of where every piece selected will go as well as the circulation you will have throughout the home to move about the space.

Like we said in the previous section, if you are remodeling your home, the space planning process is really done in tandem with contractors and CAD plans. We approve those drawings for you and make sure all details are solidified before anything goes into production. For the interior decorating process, we are plotting your pieces in 2D like the 20/20 floor plan you see here to show you where your furniture is from all angles and how you will move about the space. When space planning, we pay particular attention to where you enter each space and how everything will look to your eye at first glance, which is why we layered a bookcase with accessories behind the sectional in the example on this page. The bookcase disguises the back of the sectional and provides some definition for the swivel chairs oriented towards the view / entry behind it.

Order Management & Staging

We order each piece for you and acquire pricing. From there, we manage deliveries and lead times and provide you with direct access to the vendors through our management.  We will deliver projects "piecemeal" but prefer one large delivery. This is ultimately up to the vendor and where we are buying from. Different vendors have different policies. Once everything has arrived, we stage the home of your dreams!

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