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Interiors by Michael J provides full-service Air BNB Design for Collier County properties. We offer various design services, from home staging and styling to interior design, custom furniture, and even virtual design consultations. The first consultation is virtual and is through Zoom or FaceTime. Once things are finalized and we are hired for your requirement, we will visit the site to measure and review plans, finishes, and needs. At Interiors by Michael J, we are more than happy to shop with clients locally in SFL if the client like to make a trip, as we have more vendors here locally to choose from than on the West Coast.

With ten years of experience providing Air BNB Design for Collier County properties, if desired and paid for, we build full presentations with shopping links, slide decks, space plans, and renderings for our clients. We later order and make a trip for installation or the staging day. In between, if needed, we take multiple trips, of course, if it is necessary due to lead times. Our goal in the design is always to make guests feel at home and welcome. This can be achieved through warm colors, cozy furniture, and thoughtful details like books, plants, and artwork. The design should also ensure that all basic amenities are available, such as comfortable beds, adequate storage, and a functional kitchen.

At IBMJ, our Air BNB Design services for Collier County also include investing in quality linens, decor, and other amenities to help make the space more attractive. Our design focuses on creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere suitable for short-term stays. Additionally, creating a harmonious flow between the different rooms will make the space more inviting. At IBMJ, we believe that incorporating natural elements such as plants and wood can help to foster a feeling of relaxation and comfort. Additionally, paying attention to the little details, such as providing extra blankets and pillows, can help to ensure that guests feel welcome and at home.

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