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The process of selecting and sourcing furnishings, in order to space plan and stage those furnishings within a specific space.

Interiors by Michael J, your trusted Interior Designer in Brickell, boasts over a decade of extensive experience in the field, providing specialized and expert interior design services. Our approach to interior decorating is akin to that of a personal stylist for your home, ensuring that the space we create truly embodies your unique taste and preferences. Our initial consultations are conveniently conducted through virtual platforms like FaceTime or Zoom, ensuring easy and effective communication. Upon engagement, we will schedule an on-site visit for a comprehensive assessment, including measurements, examination of plans, finishes, and a thorough understanding of your specific needs.

As a trusted Interior Designer for Brickell, we are delighted to assist our clients in South Florida by exploring the abundance of local vendors in the region, which often surpasses the options available on the West Coast. Should clients wish to visit these vendors in person, we are more than happy to accompany them on their shopping trips. Our services include comprehensive presentations, encompassing slideshows, shopping links, floor plans, and optional drawings for those who request and pay for them. Following the design phase, we initiate the order placement process and coordinate installation and staging.

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As a renowned Interior Designer in Brickell, IBMJ specializes in curating accent pieces such as furniture, accessories, and color palettes. Our approach does not specifically address the room's intended purpose, architectural elements, or exterior features. Instead, our interior decorators collaborate closely with clients to understand their preferences, dislikes, color choices, and budget in order to enhance and rejuvenate their existing spaces. Once our decorators have a clear vision of their clients' desired aesthetic, they swiftly begin the creative process, carefully selecting the appropriate furniture, fabrics, carpets, wallpapers, and accessories to craft an inspiring and harmonious environment

Interiors by Michael J. is determined to stay with their clients as a source of confidence and organization throughout this process. Our ultimate goal is to guide you through the completion of your home while achieving the aesthetic you and your family are engaged in and looking for in your space. IMBJ designs for a variety of styles and aesthetics by applying the same design, business and ethics principles to each and every client across the board.

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Interior Design By Michael J.
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