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The art or process of designing the interior decoration of a room or building.

Interior Design for Boca Raton clients is available from our dedicated team at Interiors by Michael J. To discuss your design needs call our office to schedule a free in person consultation or a free virtual consultation. We will transform the interior of your home to achieve a beautiful and peaceful space. Our team will be in charge of planning, researching, coordinating, and managing your project to create your dream home.

Interior Design Boca Raton service for IBMJ will combine the remodeling process with interior decorating to design your dream home. Our team will choose the right floor plan and layout, as well as source, select, and order the right hardware, plumbing, lighting, and other accessories. If you and a partner have different tastes we will work with you by defining your individual expectations. By the time we are finished you will have your dream home.

Interior Design Boca Raton - Interior Design By Michael J.

For your Interior Design Boca Raton project, hire our team at IBMJ and you will not be disappointed. Our team will take care of every detail including sourcing furniture, lighting, decor, and any other accessory needed in your house. We will combine your personal style with your functionality needs to design your dream house. IBMJ offers clients trade pricing when they shop at vendors that have an applicable trade program.

Interiors by Michael J. is determined to stay with their clients as a source of confidence and organization throughout this process. Our ultimate goal is to guide you through the completion of your home while achieving the aesthetic you and your family are engaged in and looking for in your space. IMBJ designs for a variety of styles and aesthetics by applying the same design, business and ethics principles to each and every client across the board.

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A mix of home remodeling and interior decorating for an entire space […]

Interior Design By Michael J.
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focuses on finishes, furniture, space planning and layering textures […]

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