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Interiors by Michael J is a full-service interior design firm specializing in creating beautiful and functional spaces through our Air BNB Design services in Delray Beach. With a team of experienced and dedicated designers, we help property owners create an inviting, comfortable, and well-designed space for their guests. From furniture selection to layout and design to lighting and art, we guide everything that will give your property an aesthetic look. At Interiors by Michael J, the first virtual consultation is done through Zoom or FaceTime. We will come to the site to measure and check ideas, finishes, and demands after everything is finished and we have been engaged for your project.

At IBMJ, your preferred source of Air BNB Design in Delray Beach, we are happy to shop with customers locally in SFL if they choose since we have more vendors here than on the West Coast. If desired and paid for, we develop whole presentations for our clients, including shopping links, PowerPoint decks, space layouts, and drawings. We order and travel later for installation or staging day. We make many trips in between if necessary due to lead delays. Our priority is always to create an environment that seems like a home rather than a business. We create cohesive designs that connect your style with a design that is appropriate for your short term guests.

As a part of our Air BNB Design in Delray Beach, we also provide suggestions on incorporating cozy furniture and decor, such as plush couches, rugs, and throw pillows. We also provide suggestions regarding where to place the lighting, including dimmers, pendant lights, and wall sconces, to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for the guests. We believe in placing plants and greenery in the space to bring life and color. Having a living area with a comfortable seating arrangement is an added advantage. IBMJ we truly believe we can make any space pretty regardless of the budget. The same design principles will apply to the space and the same aesthetic will convey regardless of the price of the actual furnishings if you know how to place them.

Interiors By Michael J. provides premier luxury and upscale design and decorating services for Air BNB properties throughout Palm Beach County, with many of our clients in the charming Delray Beach area. As experts in Air BNB design in Delray Beach, we create stylish and inviting spaces that appeal to discerning guests and enhance the property's value. Palm Beach County is an exceptional place to live, celebrated for its stunning coastal views, vibrant cultural scene, and upscale amenities. Delray Beach, with its beautiful beaches, thriving arts community, and welcoming atmosphere, offers the perfect setting for luxurious living and high-end vacation rentals.

At Interiors By Michael J., we specialize in premier luxury home design and decorator services. Our commitment is to tailor our approach to fit each client's unique vision effortlessly. Whether it's home renovating, remodeling, or selecting decor, we uphold transparent pricing, void of any unnecessary markups. Our clients consistently benefit from direct, fair pricing from all vendors involved.

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