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The process of selecting and sourcing furnishings, in order to space plan and stage those furnishings within a specific space.

Interiors by Michael J. is a reputable Interior Decorator in Boca Raton with more than ten years of expertise in the field. All you need to do is call us if you want to replace the furnishings in your home. Once you're on board, we'll conduct a site visit to measure and examine the plans, finishes, wants, and requirements. The initial meeting will be virtual through Zoom or FaceTime, and we'll handle it whether you're entirely remodeling your house or workplace or only a portion of it. We bring great talent and international experiences to create settings that enthrall guests.

Being a well-known Interior Decorator in Boca Raton, IBMJ has expertise in outfitting and accentuating your area. Since we have many more local vendors to pick from than on the West Coast, we are more than delighted to shop with customers locally in SFL if they want to make a trip. We provide comprehensive presentations, including slideshows, shopping links, floor plans, and drawings (if desired and paid for). Afterward, we place an order and go for the installation/staging day. Naturally, many journeys may be required owing to lead times.

Interior Decorator Boca Raton - Interior Design By Michael J.

As a sought-after Interior Decorator in Boca Raton, we breathe life into your space and support significant connections between you and your surroundings. Each room's design aims to be harmonious and balanced, with unique furnishings and decorative accents to capture your personality. We can collaborate with you from the first design concept to the completed result. We may also provide suggestions on how to achieve your goals successfully. According to us, each design should be exclusive to each client. Because of this, our interior house designers consider your objectives, aspirations, and lifestyle choices to develop a solution that captures your uniqueness.

Interiors by Michael J. is determined to stay with their clients as a source of confidence and organization throughout this process. Our ultimate goal is to guide you through the completion of your home while achieving the aesthetic you and your family are engaged in and looking for in your space. IMBJ designs for a variety of styles and aesthetics by applying the same design, business and ethics principles to each and every client across the board.

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Interior Design By Michael J.
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