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The process of selecting and sourcing furnishings, in order to space plan and stage those furnishings within a specific space.

Interiors by Michael J. provides interior design in Boca, transforming their houses into a home by creating beautiful and functional spaces. With over 10 years of experience, our team provides both whole home transformations as well as single room refreshes in addition to a full menu of new construction services. We begin each project with a free initial consultation via Zoom or FaceTime to learn more about your project and your wants and needs for the space.

When you need interior design in Boca, Interiors by Michael J. is your art director, project manager, and design consultant, adapting our expertise to fit your project needs seamlessly. From choosing furniture, lighting, decor and accessories that elevate your space to ordering and tracking delivery dates in order to schedule installation as appropriate, our team ensures that your spaces are not only aesthetically pleasing but also comfortable and respond to the way that you and your family live, work, and play.

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With Interiors by Michael J., every step of the process is handled with care and precision. We offer a la carte services, including full design presentations with shopping links, slide decks, space plans, and renderings. From luxury beach condos to bachelor pads to comforting family estates, our dedicated team is here for you from initial design concept to final installation. Learn more about our services for interior design in Boca and take the first step to creating a home that truly suits your personality and lifestyle.

Interiors By Michael J. specializes in luxury home design and decorating services throughout Palm Beach County, including the prestigious Boca area. As experts in interior design in Boca, we are dedicated to transforming homes into sophisticated and personalized sanctuaries that reflect our clients' unique tastes and lifestyles. Palm Beach County is an exceptional place to live, offering stunning coastal views, a vibrant cultural scene, and an array of upscale amenities. With its warm climate and beautiful natural surroundings, it provides the perfect setting for luxurious living. Let us elevate your Boca home with our exceptional design and decorating services, creating a space that truly embodies elegance and comfort.

At Interiors By Michael J., we specialize in premier luxury home design and decorator services. Our commitment is to tailor our approach to fit each client's unique vision effortlessly. Whether it's home renovating, remodeling, or selecting decor, we uphold transparent pricing, void of any unnecessary markups. Our clients consistently benefit from direct, fair pricing from all vendors involved.

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